LATENT COUTURE is an encyclopedia of ways of being. 

What does AI lack?


And so I fed it presences that I've created over many years as a performer. 

I fed it the ways I've found of meeting the threshold of human being by dressing in the skin of possibility. 

A look is a social experiment.

And one's body bears the risk. The reward is delivered to the Other.

This film expresses that reality. Here, Anton Corbijn filmed a day in my life to make "Walking in My Shoes" for Depeche Mode's Global Spirit tour.

This is how I put myself into the world.

"Walking in My Shoes" video by Anton Corbijn, song and performance by Depeche Mode

And I translated this into AI art to take a stand about how we can shape AI – now while it's still shapeable. 

LATENT COUTURE is a call to unfashion the patterns of cultural reproduction.

I place this into AI art discourse like a grain of sand in the Eye that beholds beauty.

A look is a meme. 

It's a unit of communication that says, "This person is possible.

A look is a moment.

It's an encounter with the shape of life.

Each look in LATENT COUTURE is something that I know to be real, because I've experienced it. 

All of these beings were bundled into the moments that I lived. 

& I congealed them into a latent space, a field of possible meanings, so that I could see how they bud and bloom.