Latent Couture by Mikey Woodbridge

LATENT COUTURE presents AI fashion as digital synthesis of lived experience. 555 fashion statements generated from photographs of Woodbridge's years of experience as a performer, painter, designer, and nightlife icon.

"A look is a meme – it communicates a belief about what a human being can be. Each of the fashion statements in LATENT COUTURE says, ‘This person is possible.’

I view generative AI fashion as the opposite of the deepfake – it reaches into the latent space to find the deepreal, the force of possibility that enables us to break the cycles of cultural reproduction." 

- M.W.

"Quamtum Mikey", portrait of Mikey Woodbridge by Pindar Van Arman

Mikey Woodbridge is a performer and multidisciplinary artist who has been working with fashion for over 10 years. They have collaborated with Rihanna as a designer, Sink the Pink as a performer, Nick Night as a model, Adidas as an ambassador, Anton Corbijn & Depeche Mode in film, and have appeared at venues throughout the world and in numerous publications.   


Mikey Woodbridge